Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Restore Your Smile

The main goal of cosmetic dentistry is very simple, although the work can be extremely detailed. With this type of procedure, your dentist works to improve the appearance of your teeth, smile and entire mouth area. Most of the time this work is elective. However, there are instances when treatment is necessary for improvement of overall oral health. Typical work done can be simple, but some treatment can be more involved and complex. Among the most popular cosmetic procedures performed are teeth whitening, dental implants, inlays and veneers.

Inlays are sometimes referred to as an indirect filling.  The material used is usually manufactured in a laboratory that specializes in dental materials. Inlays are a wonderful option when a tooth has decay that is anywhere from mild to moderate. Most of the time the inlay is simply placed directly on the surface of the affected tooth.

Veneers are made from a ceramic material then molded to the exact shape of the patients’ teeth. They are extremely realistic looking and aid in improving many cosmetic issues. Some of the more common problems veneers help rectify are crooked teeth and damaged enamel.  The procedure itself is quite simple, with the dentist applying a veneer to the front of each tooth using a dental adhesive.

Teeth whitening is a frequently performed cosmetic procedure used to help enhance a smile.  In most cases it can be completed in one appointment.  It is a simple treatment involving the application of a whitening bleach to the surface of the teeth. After the work is completed, the patient may be instructed to use a special whitening toothpaste at home until the next regularly scheduled appointment.

Dental implants are required for replacement after tooth loss. The dentist will insert a titanium screw in the jawbone where the tooth needs to be replaced. This provides the support essential for the crown.  Following treatment, it is very important for patients to be extra vigilant with their oral hygiene to prevent infection.

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