Don’t Let Too Many Sweets Harm Your Teeth!

With Halloween and year-end holidays approaching, we will be tempted with many sweet treats. Candies, cookies and sugary drinks abound this time of the year. Most people will attend many parties and functions in the upcoming months. Despite all the sweet foods, we can still enjoy them and keep our teeth in good shape. It just takes a little planning and a few simple tips.

Know What Contributes to the Formation of Cavities

Everyone can enjoy an occasional sugary snack. Remember it is not just sugar that causes cavities. When bacteria are left on teeth, it breaks down the starches from foods we eat. These acids then begin the tooth decay process. Avoiding sweets can be difficult, but there is some good news. When it comes to sugar, the sweet itself is not the biggest issue. The amount of time the tooth is exposed to sugar is more important.

If possible, eat sweet foods at one time, rather than spreading them out.  This will limit the amount of time your teeth are exposed to sugar. Every time bacteria encounters sugar in the mouth, acid is produced, attacking teeth for about twenty minutes. Eating often throughout the day exposes your teeth to these acids all day long.

It is also important to note what you are drinking. Drinking soda right from the can will expose your teeth to the harmful ingredients continuously. To avoid this, try to use a straw. This way you can direct the drink away from the teeth and make these drinks less damaging.

Keep in mind when you eat foods containing sugar, bacteria in your mouth are transformed to acid. The acid attacks the enamel of your teeth a begins the process of decay. It is recommended to attempt to combine sweets with foods high in Calcium, to prevent tooth decay. Also try to brush your teeth about one hour after your last meal so your mouth can produce saliva to fight cavities.

Don’t let sweet foods and treats harm your teeth. If you live the Glenview area, please give the office of Dr. Scott Malik a call at 847-724-1771. The dentist and his friendly and experienced staff can answer all your questions and keep your teeth looking their best!