Dr. Malik in Glenview is Open Saturdays for Your Convenience

Today’s world can be very hectic and busy. The one thing most people do not have enough of is time, especially parents. It is not unusual to have a schedule booked solid for an entire week. Between job responsibilities and looking after their children, it leaves many with zero free time. That’s why being able to schedule a dental exam on Saturday can be a very convenient option.

Dr. Malik Knows His Patients Have Busy Schedules

Dental and doctor appointments are essential to maintaining good health. Busy lifestyles are no excuse for neglecting our well-being and that of our children. Dr. Scott Malik in Glenview knows the importance of regular dental check-ups. His staff is also keenly aware of the difficulty many people have finding time to see their dentist. This is one reason his office is open every Saturday. Parents do not have to leave work and their children can still participate in after school activities.

The Glenview office of Dr. Malik is open every Saturday from 8 am until 1 pm. An appointment at this time of the week is a terrific alternative for many. Not having to rush after work or take your child out of school are just a couple of the advantages. A visit to the dentist early on a Saturday also allows patients to still have most of their weekend available. There is still plenty of time to enjoy hobbies, picnics or anything else.

For those who have more time during the week, Dr. Malik also has hours to accommodate them as well. The office is open to 7 pm on Monday and until 5 pm Tuesday and Thursday. You can check out a full listing of hours and services by visiting the website of Dr. Malik.

Of course, the best part of all may be the knowledge you are taking an important step to protect your teeth.  Clean teeth and gums are vital to our overall health, and dental exams play a key part in keeping us well.