Get a Dental Exam for the Start of School!

It may seem like school just ended, but soon students will be heading back to the classroom. Right now, is the ideal time to take your child for a dental exam. In fact, more and more schools now require a dental exam before the beginning of the new term. Having a check-up performed now has some advantages. Any problems can be corrected so your child won’t miss class time due to appointments later. And of course, earlier treatment means less pain and discomfort for your child.

During a back to school exam, the dentist will check your child’s overall dental health. This includes not just teeth, but the gums and tissue in the mouth as well. The dental team will examine your child’s bite and how their teeth are aligned. Also, most dentists will inspect the status of the baby teeth and look for possible orthodontic problems down the line.

This is an Ideal Time for a Dental Exam

Also, late summer is a great time to get back into a normal brushing routine. During the break, it is very easy to stray away from solid dental habits practiced while in school. The summer is a very fun time of year, but normal routines are disrupted because the schedule is much more relaxed.

Perhaps your child went away to camp for a couple weeks. They may not have brushed and flossed like they usually do at home. Since cavities do not always cause pain, they can be discovered and filled now. A professional cleaning can be performed as well.  This goes a long way to ensuring the health of the teeth and gums. Stains can be removed, and teeth whitened, if necessary.

If your child plays sports at school, don’t forget to bring his or her mouthguard along so your dentist can check for wear, tear and fit. Children who lose teeth or go through a growth spurt may need another one for the new year.

A back to school exam is important for your child’s oral health. In the Glenview area, please give the office of Dr. Scott Malik a call at 847-724-1771. The dentist and his friendly and experienced staff can answer all your questions and keep your teeth looking their best!