Handling Dental Emergencies

Dental issues such as an injury to your teeth or gums can be potentially serious. These situations should never be ignored and addressed as soon as possible. Overlooking a dental problem just increases the risk of permanent damage and the possibility for more extensive treatment in the future.

So, what should you do during a dental emergency? The first course of action is to rinse your mouth well with warm water. Use floss to dislodge any stuck food or debris. Apply a cold compress like an ice bag if your mouth is swollen. Take an over the counter medication if pain is present.

If you chip or break a tooth, try to save any pieces. Rinse out your mouth with warm water and apply gauze if bleeding is present. Use an ice bag to reduce any swelling. If you have a tooth that has been knocked out, save the tooth and rinse it off well to clean. Do not scrub or wipe with any force. Then try to put the tooth back in its place, if possible, but never try to force it in the socket. If it cannot be replaced, put the tooth in a small container of milk. Then see your dentist as soon as you can. Teeth that are put back in the socket within an hour of the incident have the best chance of being saved.

When a filling is loose or falls out, head to the dentist with the filling right away. If you have a crown that loosens or comes out, see your dentist with the crown. If you are in pain, try applying a bit of clove oil to the area with a cotton swab. If you are able, place the crown back over the tooth using dental cement before you see your dentist.

These are just some of the dental emergencies that are possible on a daily basis. If you live in or near the Glenview area, the best place for dental care is the office of Dr. Scott Malik. Please call him at (847) 724-1771 to set up an appointment. He and his professional staff can handle all your dental needs.