New Technology Helps Makes Dental Visits More Comfortable

No one really looks forward to a dental appointment. However, regular dental visits should be kept since they play a huge role in keeping your mouth healthy. Going to see your dentist every six months is highly recommended. Timely appointments also help in the early detection of possible problems so they may be addressed before they become a larger issue.

The Latest in Imaging Technology

Today, many patients are concerned about pain and excessive radiation from x-rays. To allay these fears, many dental offices are now employing the very latest in imaging technology. A good example is Dr. Scott Malik, the outstanding dentist in Glenview, who uses high-quality 3D and 2D equipment. His office recently purchased the ProMax 3DS, a cone beam x-ray machine capable of creating two- and three-dimensional images outside the mouth. The ProMax is loaded with features that make a patient’s visit more comfortable than ever before.

The cutting- edge technology of the machine provides patients many advantages compared to older models. Two of greatest benefits are the use of less radiation and less pain. It also creates images that are clearer and more detailed and works faster than traditional machines. It is a huge plus for those patients who struggle with x-rays inside the mouth and those who tend to gag.

The outstanding ProMax 3DS adheres to all imaging protocols and follows the recommended methods for acquiring 3D dental images worldwide. This is all possible at low effective patient doses of radiation. The ProMax also enables clinicians to gather more information than from standard 2D panoramic images.  All this without a statistical reduction in image quality.

Models are State of the Art

These state-of-the-art models include intelligent high-tech solutions and algorithms. The units are great because they have been designed to prevent human errors in imaging, with options for correcting movement. They also are low noise producers and make the entire process run more efficiently.

If you live or work in the Glenview area, please call the office of Dr. Malik at (847) 724-1771 for any questions regarding their new ProMax 3DS machine or any other dental concerns. The dentist and his experienced staff will ensure your safety and comfort and keep your smile looking bright for years.