Now is a Great Time to Use Your End of Year Deductible

Most people have had enough of 2020 and will not be sorry to see it end. The pandemic has disrupted lives in so many ways. Besides battling the virus itself, one of the most daunting challenges is making sure we are financially secure. A prudent step to take before January arrives is to use the end of the year deductible on your dental insurance. This will benefit your oral health as well as your wallet.

Many people are not aware they could save hundreds of dollars using dental benefits before the end of the year. Some dental insurance plans run on a fiscal year, but many others use the regular calendar year. Using the traditional calendar year on a plan enables a person to save hundreds of dollars. It is a good idea to check to see which calendar your coverage uses.

The most money your plan will pay for your dental work during a year is the annual maximum. Each insurance company has different maximums, but on average comes to about $1,000 yearly per person. The maximum generally renews every year, usually on January 1. In most cases any unused benefits will not carry over to the following year. That is why the ideal time to get treatment is right now.

A deductible is the amount a patient pays their dentist themselves before their insurance kicks in. This fee varies depending on the plan and by insurance company. Additionally, if you opt for an out-of-network dentist, you will likely pay more. On average, a deductible on a dental plan is about $50 annually. In most cases your deductible begins again when your plan rolls over.

For those patients who pay premiums monthly, they should make sure to use their benefits. Even if you are not experiencing any pain or other issues, always have regular cleanings. These appointments will help to detect any problems in their early stages such as cavities, gingivitis, or oral cancer.

Also, if you delay treatment, you risk needing more serious and expensive procedures later. What may be a small cavity now could become a root canal in a few months. Very often, when dental issues are ignored, they end up becoming much worse. Use that deductible now to prevent this type of situation.

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