When are Dental Fillings Necessary?

Almost everyone is familiar with a dental filing. Most people at some will undergo this procedure. But are there times when fillings are not really necessary? Also, can there be instances when fillings can be delayed or put off entirely? It is a good idea for all dental patients to educate themselves about the basics of fillings.

First off, realize fillings are used to cover up and protect a tooth that has a cavity. Cavities are really just small holes that form after a tooth has become damaged. The decayed tooth or teeth are mainly due to leftover food particles in the mouth.  This is usually because of poor brushing and oral hygiene. Eventually, the food turns into bacteria which begins to dissolve the enamel in the teeth. Cavities are a very common dental issue. Fortunately, they can be corrected with a dental filling.

One of the most common situations where a filling is needed is when a tooth is badly decayed. A dentist will clean the damaged tooth then fill the cavity. If the tooth is not properly treated, it will continue to decay. This can lead to an abscessed tooth. The infection causing the abscess can travel to other parts of the body. Getting a tooth filled greatly eliminates this risk.

A filling also helps protect undamaged teeth. The bacteria causing the cavity can easily begin to harm adjacent teeth. If the bacteria latches onto another tooth a major dental procedure may be necessary to correct the infection. Your teeth are very important and must be protected like any other body part.

A missing tooth also harms the look of a happy smile. If you procrastinate getting a damaged tooth treated, then chances of extraction increase. This will result in a large hole in a smile until it is filled with an implant. All this dental work can be avoided by simply getting a dental filling at the first sign of a cavity. The filling can be made to match the color of neighboring teeth to maintain a perfect smile.

Because cavities are caused by decaying holes in teeth, they may be painful. This will only worsen when you try to drink or eat. Filling the cavities will restore the function of the damaged teeth. The intense pain will also be alleviated so healthy eating habits may be resumed.

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