Avoid These Foods To Protect Your Gums

When it comes to caring for you or your family’s oral health, protecting one’s
gums is a primary thing to pay attention to. In this notion of protecting your gums,
there’s a great deal of specific foods and drinks that you should do your very best to

Regardless of the fact that citrus fruits have incredible health benefits for
your body overall, the same cannot be said for your mouth. Because of their acidic
nature, citrus fruits will harm your tooth enamel. That said, having oranges, lemons,
grapefruits, etc., can bring about a great deal of health benefits: so rather than
entirely avoiding these foods, rinsing your mouth with water afterwards will help to
wash out some of the acid.

A liquid to avoid is soda (or pop, depending on where you’re from!). Soda-pop
is incredibly hurtful to your health in nearly every way, not only in your dental/oral
health. Because of its large amount of acid and sugar, your teeth won’t take it well.
It’ll weaken your tooth enamel, which may later lead to things like tooth decay. Not
to mention soda-pop’s caffeine count can bring about a lot of dry-mouth, which is
never a good thing.

These are just two of many foods and drinks that are harmful to your
dental/oral health. Generally, stay away from foods and drinks that are high in
sugar or in acid, as these are what cause most oral issues relating to the things you
eat or drink.

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