Dr. Malik Has Covid Precautions in Place

Current events have forced the public to become more aware of their health than ever before. The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the daily life. Social distancing, the wearing of protective masks and hand washing are habits we are asked to practice every single day.  Unfortunately, the threat of contracting the virus has caused some to postpone needed dental care. It is important to keep in mind that despite the pandemic, people must still be vigilant regarding their oral health.

To address these concerns, Dr. Scott Malik has implemented several measures to ensure the safest experience possible when visiting the office. Perhaps the greatest precaution is requiring patients wait outside in their cars or the atrium of the building. When arriving in the parking lot, patients are asked to call the office. They will be informed when the waiting room is empty and safe to enter. Patients are not allowed entry to the office until all prior patients have left the building.

This method eliminates any interaction with anyone other than the dentist or the staff. Dr. Malik’s team works extremely hard to stay on schedule.  This approach means no one should have to wait in their cars very long in the cold. In most cases, the dental staff is ready for you when you call to announce your arrival.

Temperatures are taken from everyone entering the office over the age of 2–including the doctor and the entire staff, every day. The office uses the forehead/wrist thermometer that takes only a moment. Anyone who has a fever or other symptoms of illness is sent home right away. Their appointment will be postponed for at least several weeks, and until they are feeling better. Those who are not feeling well or have a fever before an appointment are asked to call beforehand in order to reschedule.

All staff now wear a mask on site. In addition to his medical mask, Dr. Malik now has a face shield for added safety. Patients will notice purifiers in the hygiene and filling rooms. The front desk now has hand sanitizer available for use along with a plastic partition. In order to comply with social distancing, only one person occupies the front desk. The rest of the staff in the back of the office.

Dr Malik and his entire team strive to make sure all patients remain in the best of health. They understand different people have unique situations and needs. They want to make sure small dental issues do not become larger problems that can be painful, disrupt eating and hamper daily living.

For more information concerning the precautions being taken during the pandemic, please call the Glenview office of Dr. Scott Malik at (847) 724-1771 . The doctor or his professional team will be happy to address any of your concerns. Visit their website often for the latest updates.