What to Do if Your Child Hates Brushing Their Teeth

It’s safe to say that a great deal of parents out there have had a child that
simply loathes brushing their teeth.

And it’s strange how common this is – whether it’s because of laziness, aching
gums, or even the notion of rebellion, it’s abundantly evident that a large amount of
children out there absolutely dread brushing their teeth.

That being said, there are many solutions to this hygienic burr in the saddle –
and different solutions can work depending on your child’s age. If they’re young
enough, teeth brushing can be made fun – playing games with them as they brush
their teeth can work very well. If they’re a little older than that, timing them to see
how well they can brush their teeth can be an engaging challenge. If they get to an
age where they shouldn’t have to be reminded of their teeth-brushing, then
teaching them the importance of teeth-brushing is likely the best way to go.

Some of the time, too, as mentioned earlier, your child may not enjoy
brushing their teeth because of oral health issues such as aching gums. If this is the
case, it’s honestly quite understandable – why would you want to brush your
hurting gums or teeth? No matter the specific oral health issue, going to a dental or
oral hygienist is absolutely key in solving it.

At the end of the day, though, no matter the way in which you teach your
child to brush their teeth or what their oral health issue may be, it’s important that
you and your child care for your dental health. To schedule your family’s next
appointment, contact the office of Dr. Scott Malik at (847) 724-1771 in downtown
Glenview. Dr. Malik and our experienced staff can help you keep your mouth and
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